How many characters do you recommend? What type of characters?
4-10 characters look the best on the field, but you may use up to 12-13 characters including spaces if you must. You may also choose a heart made of tuba players. The "&” symbol does not look good and may be replaced at the designer’s discretion.

How many characters may I use in the script?

You may use up to 12-13 characters, spaces count as a character. Remember, scripts with 4-10 characters look the best.

Can I have my picture mounted or framed?
Yes, we can have your picture professionally framed. You may order these additional items directly on the order page by selecting the appropriate item. You may view descriptions of these products here Framing Options.

Can we print the same name that we have already paid for at a later time?
We offer lower "Additional” rates for additional scripts, but this special rate is only available at the time of the initial order. This reduced rate is available because we have already paid the designers to work on your file and the first name is already loaded on the system for that print run.

What is the best name to script?
We can script anything tasteful, so long as it is something that the actual band might script. We recommend your last name since you may purchase additional pictures at reduced rates. These make great family presents. The ideal character length is 4-10 letters.

Do I use and apostrophe after a last name?
To properly convey the meaning of "The Smith Family”, one would use the spelling "The Smiths” without an apostrophe-s at the end. When a name ends in an S you need to add an ES to make it plural: "The Adamses.”

Do some proceeds go to the colleges?
Yes, we have and will continue to give thousands of dollars to the general scholarship fund and we have requested that all of our funding be directed straight to the Marching Band if possible.

How long does it take?
Each script is created by hand by a professional designer then printed and shipped to you. So, orders will take a minimum of about 10 days to arrive at your door and up to 21 days in peak demand periods. - Framed orders will add a few days.