All about MyScriptOhio

Meet Kristin Wood
OSU Alumni & Student Entrepreneur

"Like many of my customers I’m also a die-hard Buckeye fan, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to live my Scarlet and Gray passion both as a student at OSU and through my business."

As a junior at Mason High School, student entrepreneur Kristin Wood used her graphic design skills to print posters and other items that spell out customer names using representations of The Ohio State University (OSU) marching band in the famous football stadium. The success of the Personalized Script Ohio prints and website,, has completely paid for her college education.

In May 2013, Wood graduated from OSU with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. "Graduating from college with real-world business experience and no school debt is truly a win-win scenario for me,” said Wood.

Wood’s story an example of a creative way to fund today’s rising costs of postsecondary education, and it also has given her real-world business experience throughout her college years. Since its inception, the company has fulfilled approximately 20,000+ orders for fans who want personalized memorabilia that look like the band scripted the name on the football field at halftime exactly like the OSU band’s famous "Script Ohio.” The company has given back thousands of dollars to OSU each year in the form of royalties with a request that the funds are directed to the OSU marching band program.

Wood recently reached a significant company milestone and celebrated the five-year anniversary of the launch of Personalized Script Ohio and, on November 1, 2012. Her parents, Joe and Sandy Wood, couldn’t be more proud.

"Many parents dream of the day their child graduates from college and has opportunity to start a successful career,” said Joe Wood, who works with Kristin to help manage the company. "I hope Kristin’s success serves as an inspiration to other teenagers and their families of how being a young entrepreneur can enable dreams funding a college education to come true.”

Late fall not only marks the height of college football season for fans, but it is also the busiest time of year for Personalized Script Ohio and  Fans love the photographs as a holiday gift idea!